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Published by Walter Wickiser Gallery. Essay by Valerie Gladstone. 128 pages with 60 full-color plates of Layla's best paintings.

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About the Book

In this beautiful, hardbound, coffee table book, Valerie Gladstone writes the inspiring story of Internationally renowned artist, Layla Fanucci.

From her early childhood influences inspiring her beginning roots as a singer, musician and teacher, we follow Layla through her life and her marriage to Robert Fanucci as they build their lives together in the Napa Valley. A tax attorney by day, Robert Fanucci is also a winemaker who has built a successful, award-winning winery following the traditions handed down by to him by his grandfather. Layla's interests expand from her musical roots, quite by accident, to discover a passion for creating art only after she can't find a work of art for her living room and decides to create one of her own. The rest, as they say is history. It is a story I've told before in previous newsletters and articles, and one that is eloquently expanded on through story and pictures in Layla's new book.

We learn how she developed her own unique style that has helped her achieve international recognition as an artist and an innovator. We spend 'A Day in the Life Of the Artist' and her winemaking family, where we take a tour of their winery and art studio. Finally, we are treated to 60 full-color plates of Layla's best paintings which chronicle her work from her early beginnings as an artist in 1999 through 2011.